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Married couple doing their First Dance


Packages for couples
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3-Hour Package

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5-Hour Package

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10-Hour Package

A basic routine repeated throughout the song, or perhaps encouraging guests to join you part way through.

3 hours of teaching the dance to you, usually taught in 1 hour lessons over 3 weeks.​

A routine that may be repeated throughout the song.

5 hours of teaching the dance to you, usually taught in 1 hour lessons over 5 weeks.​

A technical routine that may have some repeat moves, and could incorporate lifts/drops.


10 hours of teaching and rehearsing to perfect the moves, usually taught in 1 hour lessons over 10 weeks.

Choreographing a unique routine which is reviewed and tweaked as needed in between lessons.​

It is recommended that lessons take place at a venue – a village/church hall, room at a hotel, school or sports centre, for example – at an additional cost. You are welcome to source a venue yourselves if you prefer.   You may have a large enough space in your home and this can be assessed at the initial consultation.

I would advise getting in touch with me at least 6 months before you would like your dance lessons to start.  You ideally want to have your final lesson in the last week or two before the event. Shorter timescales can be worked around, I have been known to do it in one day before now!


Lessons are usually one hour per week in the evening or at weekends, but can be more regular if needed. 


The moves are typed out so that you can practice in between lessons. It is a good idea to have a “dress rehearsal” lesson at the venue you are holding your celebration/event at, to get used to the floor and surroundings.


A 50% deposit is required upon booking, to cover choreographing of the routine. The balance is due once lessons have started.


Additions to take into consideration

If a venue is needed for the lessons the price for hire would be added onto your package price. You are of course welcome to source your own venue.

Dependent on the location of the lessons, there may be additional mileage charges incurred.

More lessons can be arranged at an hourly rate if required.

Packages for groups

Please contact me with as much information as possible and I will provide a quotation.

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